An Online Business without Investment

By | July 7, 2016

An Online Business without Investment

Are you looking to start a home based online business venture, especially an online business without Investment. Is it even possible to start an online sustainable business venture without capital? Picture - Man with pockets opened and no money

Many people are now looking to start their own business venture from home in these unstable times. Gone are the days where employment was considered a right.

If you do not have the finances or the financial backing to start a number of businesses or franchise for example what choices do you have? 

For those with limited capital the following ideas can be started while you are at work to provide a second income source. If you have the dedication and time this could one day become your main income working from home.



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Auction Sites

The first opportunity to think about is an auction sites such as Ebay, Ebid, Bonanaza and Webstore to name but a few.

As I have used Ebay to my advantage this will be the auction site I will favour in the next few paragraphs. Auction sites are a good place to start an online venture, we all have items around the house which we could sell.Listing and selling on Ebay is easy once you have registered, with helpful guides on various subjects for the beginner.

Once you feel more comfortable and understand selling on these auction sites then it’s time to delve more deeply and start selling as a professional. Look to try selling in a particular niche, if you have a passion or certain knowledge why not try this. You could also find bargains in a normal store and then sell these on Ebay. If you are creative you may want to sell your own products on these auction sites.

The only negative side I found was the actual cost that Ebay charges for listing an item and the commissions that Ebay takes after a sale. The plus points are that it is possible to list your product globally with all the backup and help of the Ebay name.

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Affiliate Marketing

Moving onto another low cost home based business venture, how about Affiliate Marketing?
You choose a niche then write content and other versions of media to sell from your website. You can also upload your content to social media sites to bring new readers to your site.

Websites such as Clickbank and CJ Affiliate by Conversant offer companies looking for affiliates. You can then sell to the worldwide web with the product you are affiliated to. All you will need is a computer and an internet connection. There is no big outlay of your hard earned cash, not only this but you can work from home, the cafe, in paradise . . .Picture - Person Working at laptop in cafe

With affiliate marketing no real expertise is needed is needed as varying quality training programs for the affiliate marketer can now be found on the internet. What you will require is commitment and time to provide eventually a sustainable income.

With affiliate marketing there are none of those annoying problems of contacting wholesalers for shipments gone wrong, no searching for those bargains to sell on your auction site.

To get started with Affiliate Marketing, you will need a website, these along with starter training can be provided FREE from this site, Wealthy Affiliate.

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Drop Shipping

Finally, drop shipping is another business venture without relying on any initial investment as no inventory is required, just your own website.


With drop shipping you can have your own website filled with items from a particular niche.  These are all “virtual” as the products are sitting in a wholesaler’s warehouse. Once a buyer on the internet sees an item they wish to purchase from your website they will complete the transaction, buy the product via your website shopping cart and wait for the item to arrive.

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You contact your wholesaler, at this point you pay for the product and ask him to ship the product to your buyer. The wholesaler then ships the item to your client under your company name.

Your profit comes from the difference between what the wholesaler charges you for the product and what price you sell the item on your website including delivery and taxes.

The downside of drop shipping is the trust between you and the wholesaler.  Especially if he sells out of products without updating you. Delivery times can change and some wholesalers are not what they seem.

The upside is that you could use Amazon’s massive marketplace to sell and get visitors to buy your products here, to your website.


To sum up for me, of these three choices my personal favourite is that of affiliate marketing because of the freedom I have. To start with I joined Wealthy Affiliates to learn the basics of affiliate marketing with their FREE starter course, this also included two free websites (well recommended). I had  no major investment which was even better.

So now I have my website, this life still requires dedication but I choose when to write MY content and what to write.


If you think that working from home as an affiliate marketer is the best direction for you but you don’t feel confident enough to start a venture then try Wealthy Affiliate for free, to learn more click here.


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