Anthony Morrison Review – 2016

By | May 24, 2016

Anthony Morrison Review 2016

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Price: SCAM

Owner: Anthony Morrison


Anthony Morrison is a well know entrepreneurial TV star with his infomercial and author of three books “The Hidden Millionaire”, “Advertising Profits From Home” and “Automated Profits From Home”.

He claims to have started his first business in 2005 when he was 21 to alleviate the struggling his family were going through with financial difficulties with a loss on the stock market.

From there he developed his “gift” for selling and with the help of the internet became a millionaire at the age of 23.

With this in mind he decided to write a book on helping others to earn money via the internet. Unfortunately his “gift” for selling has left many people including my friend in debt after trying many of his online money making schemes.Picture - Advertising profits from home


I would like to suggest the person who this is targeted towards when making money online.

BUT I CANNOT as it is a scam targeted at the newcomer and the gullible.


IT IS A SCAM I will qualify this with the review of his training methods.

Anthony Morrison’s major idea it seems is for you to join up with a cheap offer and from there push upsell after upsell always adding something extra that will be needed to continue your education. One example is that of an affiliate marketing program which will cost you upwards of $2000.

There are better affiliate training programs at less of price in fact one of these affiliate programs is FREE to sign up with.


  • The only pro that I have found is that he has a gift for selling.
  • Is also able to teach


  • Perpetual spam offering upsell and then upsell
  • Training Programs are worthless
  • Anthony Morrison is not available for training
  • Products claim a 100% Money Back Guarantee, there are many complaints that have been filed against him for non payment of his guarantee.

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Training & Tools:

In the Affiliate Marketing training it is apparent from Anthony’s overview of each subject that he is able to talk over a subject with experience and competence. He will then hand you over to a separate members area for the actual teaching.

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Which is where the training goes awry as the video training program is not made by Anthony Morrison in-house. He has outsourced the training and therefore the teachings are somewhat outdated and of a lower component.

My friend explained how it is confusing and difficult to follow the training map set out.

Within his members area you will receive various forms of Webinar’s.At the end of each of these webinar’s you are offered to invest in another product that will help with what you have just been taught.

His brother Adrian also acts in his enterprises and has a major part in these webinar’s as speaker or promoter of the new product.

Further sources of training include teleconferences along with weekly blogs. These again are used to get the viewer to part with cash for another product that they don’t need.

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Seminars and Coaching:

Anthony Morrison holds 3 day seminars in his home town and these costs can vary from $1997 up to $6000.

The seminars themselves start with on the first day of a lead on how to get rich quick. As my friend told me he will guarantee at the end of the first day if you are unhappy with the advice so far, he will return your money.

As the first day continues he entraps you with just enough advice that you continue and participate in the other two days. . .

Personal coaching comes in at a cost, I have heard of people paying up to $35000.


Further Tools . . .

Build Spend Profit (Building Email Lists) $397. Success In 365 days $497 (or two payments of $248.50). CPV Domination $997 or $267 for 4 months. Mastery Level Marketing System $197. Invest Domains Home Study Course $79.95. Social Ads Pro Software $19.95 per month. Affiliate Offer Spy $4.95 for the first month and $9.95 each month thereafter. Traffic Explosion $47. Domain Name Training $79.95. Mobile Site $997. Fast Cash Commissions $2697. The Fast Traffic Formula (Adrian Morrison). Advertising Profits From Home System $1995. Success With Anthony enhanced to Success With Anthony 2.0 (Fast Traffic Sniper Software included). Anthony Morrison Success Academy. Miracle Traffic Bot 3 in 1 Premium Software $797. Copy Paste Systems Monthly $497. Traffic Buddy Leads & Traffic Generation Software $497. Top Ranking Genius Bootcamp $197. Secret Traffic Profits $197. Commission Consultants. Inner Circle with Instant Access $497. The Digital Product Factory $278.45. Mastering Facebook Advertising $29.95. Elite Product Creation $29.95. LinkedIn King $29.95. Ebay Pro Academy $29.95. CPV/PPV Course $29.95. Mobile Mania=Marketing Money $29.95. Twitter Traffic Course $29.95. YouTube Marketing Crash Course $29.95. Pin Your Income $29.95. Secret Fiverr Strategies Course $29.95. Laser List Building Course $29.95. Email Marketing Insider Course $29.95. CPA Domination Course $29.95. SEO Genius $29.95. Facebook Fun Page Secrets $29.95. AdWords Mastery Course $29.95. Auto Traffic Accelerator VIP $97. Partner With Anthony (2 payments of $49 or $67). AdWords Course $3995 plus $20 dollars per month plus you have to pay Google AdWords. Affiliate Program Course $2000 to $3000. Traffic With Anthony $67 (or 2 payments of $49) This software program will involve stealing content from YouTube, this is illegal and your account will be shutdown and proceeding taken against you.



Success with Anthony Morrison is almost futile and unfortunately outsourced. When and IF you do contact support staff their knowledge of the particular course or product will be vague or not at all.


The affiliate marketing program scam starts at about $2000 this will include upsell after upsell. At this point I would normally make a comparison between my favourite training program and this review. . .


Final Verdict

Anthony Morrison is promoting numerous low quality ineffectual products that will not realise the sales pledge he states in the advertising for that product.Like most books detailing business opportunities, most of Anthony Morrison’s information YOU will find online for free.

He is only concerned with taking money from you however he can. Once you pay for one of his products he will try upsell after upsell to convince you need this product  to continue your online business.

He will lead you into debt, like a friend of mine who has tried and paid for many of his courses.

There are no “Quick Get Rich Schemes” all true online business take time to grow and flourish. I would take a big circle around Anthony Morrison and avoid at all costs he is a SCAM ARTIST.

If you do want to learn how to earn money online there are many training programs available.

Wealthy Affiliate is a safer bet, It is FREE to JOIN and ther are no Upsells

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