Bring The Fresh Review – 2016

By | May 9, 2016

Bring The Fresh Review – 2016

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Price $47

Owner: Kelly Felix

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Bring the Fresh (BTF) was the Brainchild of Kelly Felix (The Rich Jerk) and Mike Long. The partnership split in 2010 and Kelly Felix continued on alone with BTF.

The idea behind BTF is to teach you quickly how to make a huge profit on your affiliate marketing website with various search engine optimisational hints as Kelly Felix has somewhat of a reputation as an SEO master. Although there are claims that he is using unethical tricks in his search engine optimisation practices.

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The training involved with Bring The Fresh is targeted at both the beginner and intermediate marketer, Kelly Felix is frank that to achieve the results of his training requires dedication and time.


  • Lessons are updated to suit Google’s search methods (algorithms)
  • Long Established program
  • Forum for questions
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Costly and additional upsells, potentially thousands of dollars
  • No free trial
  • Quite technical in places, especially for a newcomer to affiliate marketing
  • Has gone through many changes and restructuring over the years

Some of these upsells are of an arguable quality. Which I will explain later on in my review.

What do you get with this package?

Bring the Fresh basic membership consists of a training course provided on the BTF website. You will be provided with a Fast Start Guide to read, this PDF contains over 70+ pages of text and then there is the Fast Start video course.Picture - BTF Features

The Fast Start PDF Guide shows you how to build a website for beginners, Keyword research, and search engine optimisation.

The second part of the training consists of video webinar’s, which are broken down into two parts, making seventeen in all.

There are 8 videos from the original tutorials, these include building a website from start to finish with Kelly Felix using the Exact Match Domain.

(EMD is a term for exact match domain, which basically means using a domain name which is the same keyword as what people are exactly searching for.)

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The second part is newer from 2014 and examines getting a head start with traffic, by buying from auction an established domain name because this may already have content, links and a network of back links.

Further tools in the basic price including article creation and link building.

For additional separate costs (upsells) you can get.

  • a “Done For You” website (Bring The Fresh in small print do not guarantee success of your site)
  • Private Coaching
  • Advanced Back linking strategy

A word of warning here, members of Bring The Fresh have paid for the “Done For You” website and found to their cost upon complaining of no success with their website that they are no longer allowed to use any further training with Bring The Fresh.

Back linking is not entirely an ethical practice (black hat SEO) and Google has a strong view over this. If Google finds that you have paid for back links to use for page ranking they will, what is termed, ‘slap your site’. This means you will lose your page rankings completely and this in turn could mean disaster for your business.

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SupportPicture - BTF Forum

Support is supplied on a community forum which appears to be on a different website.

There is a help desk available and can be used with a ticket number.


What can I get for $47?

Bring The Fresh is comparable in some ways to my recommended No.1 choice Wealthy Affiliate  but what is not revealed with Bring The Fresh until you sign up is the extra upsells that could be added to continue building your website.

When you glance below at the comparison chart there are huge differences in what’s on offer.


This is a legitimate established training program that shows you how to use Search engine optimisation to your advantage. I’m concerned that there are complaints on the internet over the success rate of the “Done For You” website. Not only this but the advanced back linking strategy is a debatable proposition. While not a bad educational affiliate marketer product there are better training programs on the market for example Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join and can offer so much more unique training to develop your skills a an affiliate marketeer.

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Price $47

Owner: Kelly Felix



4 thoughts on “Bring The Fresh Review – 2016

  1. Matt's Mom

    Great review of Bring the Fresh. I had never heard of them but am weary of any program like this that does not let you try it out for free first. After reading your review, I think I will stay clear of Bring the Fresh. I don’t think any can compare to Wealthy Affiliate. I happen to be with them and it was the best choice every made!

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      I agree with you. the majority of programs don’t let you see “under the hood” before joining. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is unique and the best in my opinion


  2. Emma

    Nice review! I still prefer wealthy affiliate, are they similar? Thats odd that they don’t let you try for free! It makes you realize how much wa has to offer.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Emma
      Thanks for the comment, there is such a difference between Bring the Fresh and the Wealthy Affiliate training program. For one example, once you have paid for the premium membership everything is available for your training no Upsells involved. I never trust a product where you cannot try it out!



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