Capturing a 15 sec audience – Successfully

By | May 9, 2016

Capturing an audience (Website Content Analysis)

     15 (or less) seconds is the time that you will have to try and conviPicture of Half stopwatchnce your prospective audience to stay on your website, according to statistics (Tony Haile –

As the internet continually expands and further information becomes available, people now tend to scan a web page rather than read all the text and as statistics show we only have 15 secs to convey how exciting and engaging our website is to new visitors.

 So great content, originality and mobility are just some of the keys concepts of website content anaIysis I will discuss to satisfy a new visitor to your website.



As a result of the need for a quick glance, a web page is formatted distinctly different from printed text.  Like and inverted pyramid, the overview/conclusion starts at the top followed by the rest of the article.

Upside down pyramid

Your audience are in a constant hunting mode on the internet searching for information they need and want. This could be a review for a new printer or the times of a flight.

As a result this is a great primer for an owner of a website but we need to react to the audiences needs so I have listed some tips and recommendations to capture your audience so they will linger longer on your website.


1. Learn and understand your particular niche audience. This is very important. Learn who you are exactly targeting and what is their interest.

Try this example:

Picture of Fishing Reel

What if you were a fisherman and your particular joy was fly fishing. Then you know the lures to use, the rods and the lines.

Or you had a good knowledge of a particular video game because you played this a considerable time.

YOU understand your audiences needs, their wants. What the problems are and how to solve them, the trials and tribulations and all the controversial debates.

You are then able to engage with your audience and write as an authority on the subject.


2. Engaging and Original

Picture of Figure holding stopwatch

New visitors will stay on your site if it proves innovative, different and above all interesting. Make your content engaging and easy to understand even with challenging subjects.

Try to keep the technical language to a minimum. As you write your article make it personal and not as though a robot is writing the piece.

Use humour or anecdotal stories if the chance arises. Again remember the reader and address personally with “you” instead of “I”.



Picture of Print Fonts from printing press


3. Be Short and Keep Focused

When you compose your article make sure that the information you deliver is concise and try not to babble. As we have already noted your audience scans rather than reads your text, so use short sentences.

Paragraphs should be no longer that four sentences. Use bullet points to portray snippets of knowledge.

There is nothing worse than trying to read paragraphs with small print and no images to complement the text.

Make it easier to read for your audience by using a large and plain font. Finally don’t forget your spelling and grammar.

Picure of word growth with arrow upwards

4. Mobile mobility

Almost 50% ( of the people who use the internet connect with some sort of mobile.Pictture of woman with Ipad finding directions

Check if your website is mobile friendly, does your audience have to scroll repeatedly to find anything.

If the answer is yes, then the chances are that a new visitor will disappear off to a competitor who is more mobile receptive.



Finally this isn’t the last word in user experience, arguments will rage and everybody has their own ideas out on internet land. Are there thoughts and ideas on your website you would like to share? If so I would be excited to hear your views.



10 thoughts on “Capturing a 15 sec audience – Successfully

  1. Paan


    I agree. We live more of a fast paced live when there are so many things out there for you to find.

    I am one of those audience. I like to open at least 5 taps on the same topics and kind of skim/scan through the contents then move one.

    Content is the key. Good and clear content will definitely grab the attention.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Paan

      Thanks for the comment, we certainly do live a fast paced, too fast sometimes only 15 secs to provide good quality content before the content is dismissed and we move on to another site.

  2. John savage

    Yeah Totally agree with this Article!

    For me, I work in a negative reputation industry of Real Estate.

    My blog posts are brutally honest about homeowners can achieve the stars, not just promises. So far so good utilising advice written in your blog post hence, I completely agree .

    1. paul Post author

      Hi John

      Thanks for the comment, unfortunately the Real Estate industry doesn’t always deserve this reputation (media hype). It is good to know YOU are giving advice that is true and honest and your content is clear concise and simple then we all have a chance of the visitor staying longer.


  3. Bren

    Great article, very helpful. I thing I’m realising is the importance of trial and error… the more you try things, the more you figure out what works and what doesn’t… yes it means more work, but it benefits in the long run… but these are some great tips to keep in mind at the start, all of them work

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Bren

      Keep trying different options, some times it all comes together, if not try again. Eventually we will all see the light.

  4. Vicky


    Some great points here to consider. To be honest I think that we have a lot less than 15 seconds to capture the interest of a visitor. If you land on a site that does not resonate with you, where you don’t feel “at home”, that you can’t relate to, you will leave right a way… Just to give you an example if I land on a site with purple text on black background, I will not even consider reading it, I will be out of there. It doesn’t connect with me at all… Keep things simple and readable is key. Thank you for some great points!


    1. paul Post author

      Hi Vicky

      I can agree with you on that “feeling at home on a website”, and purple text well . . . My other less than favourite website is with some form of unnecessary audio. I think you hit the nail on the head with keeping things simple and readable.


  5. Dr Brad

    Hi Paul,

    This is really good information. I didn’t realise I was a ‘scanner’ until you mentioned it, but that is exactly what I do.

    My website contains a lot of technical information, so it is sometimes hard to condense it down, but I will keep these points in mind.


    Dr Brad

    1. paul Post author

      Hi DrBrad

      Yes I didn’t think of this until I started researching the article, When I read technical posts I skim the surface but will then go back and reread the paragraphs in detail.


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