Creative Ways To Make Money Online

By | May 17, 2016

Creative Ways To Make Money Online

These days we all need that extra boost of another income. One easy idea is to use the internet and start a business from home using your talents to find creative ways to make money online.

A question for me was, do those people with more technical skills make money easier on the internet, than those who possess the more creative skills?

Have you a creative talent and looking to make money on the internet. Is it easy to make money online using your creative talents? I didn’t think so until I started researching this article.

Now that I have completed my research I can now show you some of the possibilities and options on using your natural creative talent to earn an income. So here are my hints and tips for boosting your home income. These ideas range from freelance graphic design to selling handmade products on the internet.


One option if you are looking to start a second income on the freelance market is to try these two websites.

Upwork (Formerly Elance)

This is an online job agency for freelance personnel. Jobs ranging from web design to graphic design. Upwork have all types of work to suit your freelance career with part-time, full-time, short or long projects.

Signing up with Upwork just involves you creating your own stunning profile, once this is complete you will be able to view the jobs by category and apply for the work.

Upwork take a fee of 10% on your job. Payment is through Upwork and can be made by Paypal, Direct Transfer etc.


At Fiverr the website states all jobs “gigs” start for $5 (Although Fiverr are now experimenting with $25, $50 or $100 gigs).

While your basic job starts at $5, you upsell your skills further with a premium version of the job for $15. All payments to you are made by Paypal.


These next two I discovered cover design as well as being useful and skilled in making those personalised handmade goods.


With Cafepress your unique design can be customized and applied to merchandise such as tee-shirts, hoodies and mugs. It is also possible to set up and run your own online shop with your unique designs on merchandise.


Etsy is available to those of you who are crafty with your hands. Here you have a global market at your command. It will cost you $00.20 usd to list an item then a further 3.50% once you have completed the transaction on your item.

You will need to read the “sellers handbook” for the do’s and don’ts of selling and they are strict on their ethical expectations (no child labour, etc.) if you do need to outsource some of your manufacturing.


If none of these options are what you had in mind. Take control of your life and set it up yourself and use your natural creative talents to earn that income that you have always wished for.

Wealthy Affiliate

This website provides a starter pack of two websites and training for FREE. Wealthy Affiliate even have a video explaining “how to create your own website in 30secs.”

Create A Website In Under 30 secs


Read my full review of the Wealthy Affiliate website here.

What is included with the Wealthy Affiliate starter pack.

The starter training at Wealthy Affiliate consists of a 10 part video and text based walk through, exploring how to create and start earning money with a website.

By choosing this package you will be able to take advantage of creating your own website and selling your creative talents online.

Not only do Wealthy Affiliate provide a starter course but they also provide a premium version for $47 per month should once you complete the starter course you decide to continue. This contains 1-1coaching, live help and a community forum to name but a few.

The course is targeted for both the newcomer and the intermediate person wishing to expand and gain further training and insight into earning more income from their website, tackling subjects such as targeting traffic, using Social Media and writing content.

Further benefits with the premium version include being able to host all your own websites at a professional level with the $47.

  • Website security package
  • Website backup
  • 24/7/365 website support
  • Website analysis



Let me know your thoughts on this.

12 thoughts on “Creative Ways To Make Money Online

  1. Roger


    Great tips on how the creative (vs. the technical) can get started using their gifts to make money online!

    I’m a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) premium (paid) member, and so I just wanted to say that is an incredible opportunity.

    I had my own websites for over a decade, starting back when I used DreamWeaver to build the sites. And no, I ain’t no engineer! The past 6 years I’ve used WordPress.

    SO, after trying the free membership at WA, I quickly saw how valuable the program is. I learned more about WordPress in 6 weeks thanks to the WA’s training than I had in 6 years! I became a premium member.

    I had been paying comparable amounts to another hosting company that offered no training, no security, and no support system (aka the Wealthy Affiliate community!).

    Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and I recommend it heartily to any of your readers!

    Thanks for the research!


    1. paul Post author

      Hi Roger
      Thanks for the comment, I too have dabbled for many years with various software products. I just love WordPress for the accessibility and ease of use, WordPress allows me the confidence to continue with the content rather than thinking how am I going to code this now


  2. Andrew

    G’Day Paul

    You offer some great tips and quite a number of thoughtful options. I’m a truck driver so as you can imagine, the really isn’t much opportunity for that skill to translate on-line.

    Wealthy affiliate seems to be a good option for anyone wishing to make some income on-line

    Thanks for a great article.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for the comment. I understand where you are coming from, this was why I chose to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate to get the training and succeed online and then work from home.


  3. Joshua Willis Schroy

    Hello, Paul!

    There’s a lot of great information here, and I’ve heard of most of these sites. I actually use UpWork, and it’s worked great for me so far. Don’t get me started on Wealthy Affiliate, lol. For a lack of better words, it’s one of the most informative, and cost effective ways to start a business online. I hope to see your content continue to be as good as this post.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Joshua

      Thanks for the comment. Wealthy Affiliate, where to start I agree with you there is so much I can say about this site. But I leave that for another post:)


  4. John Savage

    Anyone reading this I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and seriously, thank god I did.

    I use Fiverr although not heard of Esty or Cafe Press but they look excellent too.

    The most frustrating for anyone trying to get a foothold online or in any business is knowing how to put all the hard work together.

    Im paying $47 per month and to be honest what I get in return is 100X more than what I have to pay.

    If you are serious about knowing how to make money online……….. this blog post is great advice.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi John

      Thanks for the comment, I agree with you I had pieces of an online jigsaw but didn’t know how to complete the picture until I invested in Wealthy Affiliate

  5. Bren

    Some great tips here. One thing i really dont like about fiverr is the commission rates. 20% cut from an already low priced service is just madness. I have made over $200 on fiver but over $50 has gone back…

    I have worked really hard on the stuff i have done, I have 100% postive feedback but had to increase my prices as the amount I was doing was just not worth it. Unfortunately there’s always someone next to you willing to do the same thing for less, so I dont get as many orders now

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Bren

      Thank for the comment. I had the same problem when I was freelance in the TV Industry, people would try to undercut me (I would have to go to and repair the damage to some programme these people had done). That’s why I appreciate Wealthy Affiliate, the work that you put in “yea shall receive at the end”.


  6. Suzanne

    Good article, some great suggestions there. I do have a cafepress store for some of my digital drawings but don’t really do that well there, possibly because I don’t add enough stuff to it. I am concentrating on your last suggestion, Wealthy Affiliate. I am following along this route and just sticking to their method of working. I love it there and am learning lots.
    What is your preferred route?

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Suzanne

      Thanks for the comment. In answer to your question of preferred routes I feel the Affiliate Marketing venture with Wealthy Affiliate has worked out the best. I learn, then create for my website it’s brilliant.




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