Easy Home Business Ideas Online?

By | April 28, 2016

Easy Home Business Ideas

Because of the very nature of the internet we are now seeing both large and small businesses outsourcing their work, a term now called crowdsourcing first coined in 2006. These crowdsourcing jobs range from transcription to “micro tasks”.

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With spare time on your hands you can earn small amounts of money; thanks to my simplified list of easy home business ideas.

If you are looking for a more lucrative venture or second job then I would suggest checking out the last idea on my list.

All these work at home companies will require you to have proven experience, skill or knowledge in a particular field. Payment will also be consistent with your competence.

Not all of these ventures are available worldwide. None of these will make you a millionaire but will provide a small second income.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program

With Amazon’s MTurk program you can sign up and enter your personal info and skills relating to your experience.

Once these details have been completed you can look forward to checking the database for the skills and tasks you are able to complete competently.

These can include checking for inappropiate web content to basic data entry. The rate varies from $1-$5 an hour and like any other job; the more experience you gain the better equipped you will become and so pursue greater opportunites.

Fast Chart

This is a medical transcription service. Qualifications and certain requirements will be listed.

If you meet this criteria you can expect competitve pay rates. Benefits include flexibility of being home based and setting your own schedule and receiving 24 hour technical support.


For those who have an interest in the online writing of articles this may be a good choice. With crowdsource you have the choice of writing content or of online “microtasks”for money. Payment is completed once your work is approved.


To work as an agent for Leapforce you will be required to take and pass a three part test. The job itself entails a detailed knowledge of the internet, as you will be required to do in depth research and evaluate websites. The pay rate starts at about $11 per hour.


Speakwrite offer a transcription service in both general and legal fields. The hours are flexible and if you are an experienced transcriber you could be earning up to $15 per hour.

Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

With this company you can start your own niche website to gain a decent second income. 

You do not need any experience or fees to enroll with this company. A starter membership is free and you can test out if starting a website is your chosen income stream. With this free starter membership you will be given 2 websites and 10 tutorials.

Building your own website is very simple and they offer further support and training 24/7/365 with a premium membership of $47 per month.

If you follow through the training modules you could be earning a considerable and sustainable income, perhaps leading to you being able to end your detested day job?

8 thoughts on “Easy Home Business Ideas Online?

  1. carl


    This is really helpful to me. I need to know what is out there and what kind of opportunities are available to me.

    The wealthy affiliate looks good. If I can get the account for free, why would I pay $47 per month?


    1. paul Post author

      Hi Carl

      The free course is very good as a starter for someone wishing to begin their online career. Once you have covered the basic tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate you will want to move your potential upwards which is where the premium membership comes into use with further training programs, web hosting and support. If you read my review of Wealthy Affiliate below you can compare the differences.

      Does this answer your question Carl?



  2. Suzanne

    Good post, I’ve not heard of all of the above ventures but Wealthy Affiliate is a yes from me.
    What is you’re top recommendation out of the above list?

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Suzanne

      For me it is as they say a “No Brainer”, my top recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate, being able to try before you buy is awesome, it is like going into a shop and checking the product before you buy. Everybody comes away happy do you not think Suzanne?

  3. Thabo Nkomo


    This is a good list that explains terms often used in the news concerning online business. I think you do a great job of showing what introductory steps one can take to get a feel of how a home business online may work. Thanks for spelling out what a person can really make on the mentioned options. It’s important that people have realistic expectations of any online business.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Thabo

      Thanks for that, there are opportunities to earn online, all of these ideas will need you to work as there are no legal “Get Rich Quick “schemes in this world. The best chance of earning a good income is Wealthy Affiliate:)

  4. Hillary

    great ideas–i didn’t know about Mechanical Turk and I think that a friend might have some interest in this program-i will direct her to your website. Thanks!

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Hillary

      I did not realise that there was quite so much opportunity to earn until I started researching this post.


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