Free Small Business Website Builder

By | May 16, 2016

Free Small Business Website Builder

As a small business you understand the need for a presence on the internet. In this modern world you are able to supply globally your product, your reviews, your brand.


The only set back to that vital presence for you on the global market is the frustration of taking the time to create that all important website, from the design, the content, the hosting and the security aspect.

Picture of Black Dollar signPicture of Black Dollar sign

BUT these days no-one needs the costs and frustration of outsourcing your website.

What if all this worry could be taken away with one easy to understand FREE small business website building tool.

What would YOU pay?

Well now I will show you this website builder for your small home business that will blow your socks off!


Try a domain name here for your FREE WEBSITE.




This Free WordPress Small Business Website Builder is available at Wealthy Affiliate.


For those who were wondering what IS WordPress  and what it does, have  look at this

Picture - WordPress Logo



WordPress (Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little) and their development of WordPress websites first appeared in 2003. They have kept updating and upgrading ever since and we are now at 4.5.2. 

It is a free content management system (CMS) based upon PHP and MySql. It is very simple to use with little or no technical knowledge.

If you want to add extra features “widgets” to your theme then there are thousands of plugins available to easily add that “widget”. 

There are also thousands of free templates “themes” or looks to your website and there are also more advanced “themes” that you can buy.

To put this into perspective more than 26% websites on the internet use a WordPress site (W3Techs Usage Survey, May 2016).

Picture of WordPress Post


The Content Management Systems (CMS) is a web-based software for constructing and organising the content of your website


Once you sign up for FREE you are able to create two websites, plus there is also AVAILABLE a 10 part training package included for FREE.

30 seconds is probably all it will take to create a website ready for you to add content and your own personality.

Now YOU have the power to design your own website without having to worry about the technical aspect or code.

If you still need convincing check out this awesome video?

Create A Website In Under 30 secs

 Professional Web Hosting

Not only do they offer a free business model for starting your website up, they can offer for just $47 per month web hosting with fully qualified staff and no upsells. Only $47.

  1. 24/7/365 website support
  2. Website feedback platform
  3. Website comment platform
  4. Website anaylsis
  5. Website security package
  6. Website backup


Wealthy Affiliate also offers a website dedicated to providing training for both new and intermediate online marketers on how to achieve success with their website when they monetize it.

Would you be interested in taking this training to guide your small business to success?

Button - click here to learn more


I don’t think you need any further convincing, but?

$0 and you will receive two free websites and as an added bonus you will get access to an entire training program

Button - Click HereAs a small business you understand the need for a presence on the internet

Training and free website builder also available for anyone not just small businesses.

4 thoughts on “Free Small Business Website Builder

  1. Alex

    I love wordpress, i have used it for a while to build a couple of sites, but.. man wealthy affiliate really speeds up the process. You don’t have to transfer domains, nameservers, hosting servers,buy expensive themes and all that, it’s all integrated into their site.It has amazing training (more than you will ever need). I encourage anyone to check it out with no second thoughts!

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Alex,

      WordPress is just great an so easy to use and coupled with Wealthy Affiliate your success is 99% guaranteed, the 1% left being your input


  2. Andrew

    A great post and product Paul.

    There are a lot of scams and unscrupulous people out there, but from what I can see, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to get your feet wet if you’re interested in starting an online business.

    1. paul Post author

      Thanks Andrew for the comment, as you say unfortunately there are two many scams out there my next post will be on a serious scam artist so keep reading this space.


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