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Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to take control of your life?


I know I Have, I was self-employed in the Television Industry, but this still required me travelling onto locations or working at a client’s base. I was working long hours; seeing my family rarely and when I finally did get home, through bleary eyes.

I had a dream, I had a picture in my mind of utilising my computer knowledge, this lay at the heart of my dreams. There I sat at my computer earning real money at home, whilst the family is around you. Or even running your business whilst travelling the world with your family. These were my dreams. Are they yours?

Laptop with coffee cup

The question became how could I successfully run a home business with literally zero capital, and support a wife and two kids. I started that search which would lead to money. Once the quest for that opportunity on the began, the internet felt like the Wild West with scams, dodgy dealing, and expenditure leading to false promises. Then recession hit and I moved into full time employment. My dreams were not entirely forgotten though. In 2010 I looked again for that elusive work from home internet business opportunity, this time using the computer as an “Internet Marketer”.

Sheryl Crow wrote a song “Every Day Is A Winding Road”, this from my perspective is how I felt as the search to make money online fruitlessly continued. I had tried some of these online “business opportunities” money making schemes, only to get my fingers burned. All too often I found scams that were promising more than they could deliver or those “get rich quick scheme” scams asking for “pay now” thousands of dollars for some training or course.Thumbs down

Me Cynical? I had got truly cynical and despairing of the online marketer/ racketer industry. The online home business dream seemed far, far away. As I trawled the internet one Sunday afternoon I found a website called Wealthy Affiliate where I could sign up for free and try the program out. I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate straight away and my confidence grew when I realised this community were serious about helping me create an online business from home with time and practice. For once my dreams could come true.

With my dreams coming true, I am now offering the potential to have yours realized  by showing you how to solve that familiar problem of knowing who to trust on the internet.

So if like me you want to succeed in running an online business from home and not suffer the despair and cynicism I have suffered READ ON.




Now you ask before joining,

“What is this Wealthy Affiliate site?”

What are the Benefits of SIGNING UP?

It is a community where business minded people help one another with problems on your website business. The courses are taken by entrepreneurs for those that are determined about learning and benefiting from their experience.

They will explain how to create and run a successful business. Wealthy Affiliate have dedicated years of research and are constantly updating their training program. Thereby you continue to practise what you have learnt through the course so enabling you to flourish and succeed within the affiliate marketing industry. Lastly you can have your business  website hosted for free.

A major Benefit to start it’s FREE to join. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of online entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of affiliation and niche marketing. This community provides advice and the steps to start your home based online business, Whether you have tried and failed or you are a complete newbie you will be successful. This is a real opportunity and NOT another so called SCAM


Here is a real opportunity to succeed and make an online sustainable home based business.

Wealthy Affiliate is Free to join all you need to do is provide an email address NO banking details are taken. Once you have signed up as a starter membership you will want to move from the starter membership to a premium membership for $19.00 for the first month. Then $47.00 thereafter. When you have signed up as a starter membership you will receive two websites for free.

Trust me, testimonials for Wealthy Affiliate are not needed, why because you can check the training and advice before you spend any hard earned cash. . .

For me upgrading from a starter membership to a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate unlocked the “map” allowing me the benefit of knowledge that there is an end to my road via the Wealthy Affiliate “University”.

It’s Free

You’re saying this is a scam, How you can sign up for free right now and start your business from home with NO MONEY taken. All you need is to provide an Email address

Well, what have you got to lose? There’s no fees and you could be starting your own home business in less than 10 minutes (and it isnt a SCAM)


One final word this is not a get rich quick scheme. You will be required to invest your time to work through exercises and activities. This time is an investment for your home business for the future and sustainability of your home business (it’s like building the foundations of house if ttis isn’t in place then the house will collapse).

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now do yourself a favour go NOW and sign up to Wealthy Affiliate.

(So you too can take control of your life again)



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2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Thabo Nkomo

    Hi Paul,
    As someone who has studied leadership language, I was pleased to read the entire pages of your web site. Your writing style is :
    1) Simple
    2) Direct
    4) Clear

    In short, you communicate well. The small point I would like you to reconsider is your use of “incorporated me”. How about “required me” ? Maybe it’s just me, but the word is jarring because it seems so different from the rest of your message.

    That said, I think you make a convincing case as to why someone would want to listen to your insights about starting an online business. I wish you the best of luck.

    1. paul

      Hi Thabo

      Thank you for the comment, It is always good to have someone with advanced language skills critique my work. I will replace the words shortly

      Many Thanks again



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