How To Earn Money With A Website

By | April 28, 2016

How To Earn Money With A Website

Are you passionate about a subject or love a hobby? Would you spend money on buying anthing for your interest or passion?

If so your passion or interest could start making you money. How cool is that!

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In this post I will discuss how to earn money with a website, that is by creating a niche website. 

A niche website is targeted at a “small” group of people who all have the same interest. This site could be anything from specific types of dog bowl for your dog or to a specific bait used for fishing a particular fish.

This can be a lucrative online business, especially if you use an affiliate marketing model (create link to explanation in other post)

Where do You begin with your niche site

Your first step towards creating a niche site will be to create a name for your website (domain name), as a rule this name should have connections with your interest or passion.

The technique most people use is to base their name on a word or phrase involved with their subject. If it is keyword/keyphrase (a word/phrase which people type into a search engine when they are looking for a review, a product or some other information) all the better.

Once you have a name to hand you will need to approach a company where you can buy your name (domain name) and build your website on their server (hosting). Websites can easily be setup these days, look at the ads on tv showing how simple this is to achieve. . .


Man Fly fishing with dollar sign across picture

Create content for your niche site

Fingers typing on a keyboardOnce you have created your domain name and website the next step is to create content for your site. This means that the the interested party will; having searched google with their keyword or keyphrase want to read your reviews and recommendations on your chosen niche. 

But don’t forget to keep up your content and add new articles, on a regular basis. Once your site is running you will then need to make sure your search engine optimisation is up to date.

Start marketing yourself with all the social media and then once the people (traffic) arrive at your website you could then consider how to monetize the site.

To surmise  These are the main points

  • Create a name for your website (with a keyword research tool)
  • Find a host for your website (also register name)
  • Buy this name (if it is available)
  • Setup your site (preferably with WordPress)
  • Write content
  • Find Affiliates
  • Wait for Traffic

Easier Solutions to create a niche site.

But if all this sounds daunting to you, there are easier ways to start your very own niche website.

The answer I have found is to join Wealthy Affiliate, here they take you gently through the steps of how to create and monetize your niche website at your own pace.

There are two forms of membership.

Firstly you can join for $0 and what’s surprising for this membership you actually are given TWO free websites to start your niche, with this comes the Starters’s course full of informative details. Then there is the community of entrepreneurs generously willing to show you the path to your success.

The second membership costs $47 per month, with this the sky’s the limit really. With 1000’s of training modules constantly updated to keep you ahead of the game in online marketing, the community again, unlimited website hosting and support 24/7/365.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can achieve your ultimate goal, with their unique training program that teaches you the language of webspeak, then building your website as you learn, how to create content and then how to get that all important traffic through for monetizing your site.

Within their membership area they show how to use keywords/keyphrases to your best advantage when it comes to writing and the naming of your website.

They not only host your website but you can register your domain name with them. They use WordPress for all the sites, pretty awesome when you consider who uses WordPress sites (Forbes, CNN and Ebay to name but a few). They have thousands of themes to allow you to create a website in 30 secs.


Create A Website In Under 30 secs


They will teach you how to write meaningful content to drive traffic to your site, how to use social media to your advantage to increase traffic.

Pretty BRILLIANT really

Most people when they start an online business fail, because of the lack of real help and motivation. What road will you take to achieve your goal of a niche website earning money.

The rocky torturtous and winding road with little or no help, motivation and no guaranteed success.

Or the path of Wealthy Affiliate where there is always someone to help and motivate you to continue, if not within the community then one of the co-owners Kyle or Carson.

Everyone is willing you onto succeed at Wealthy Affiliate. Isn’t it about time you enjoyed that success.

6 thoughts on “How To Earn Money With A Website

  1. carl


    This sounds amazing, almost too good to be true.

    Is it really possible to get started for free? How is this possible?

    Thanks for responding

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Carl

      When I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate I was skeptical as to how they could achieve this for free. I started on the free membership, once I saw what Wealthy Affiliate could deliver, I immediately signed up for the premium membership.

  2. Suzanne

    Thanks for the article. I love making money from websites and stuff I do online. There is nothing better than working at home online.
    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and really love the community and the training over there.
    I wish you all the very best


    1. paul Post author

      Hi Suzanne

      The training at Wealthy Affiliate is unbelievable the community so helpful that working at home is becoming a reality.

  3. Vicky

    The great thing with this program is that you get both the site AND training. Not many other places offer that, in fact I don’t know any other place that offers that.

    Good read,

  4. Chris

    I’m also a member of the Wealth Affiliate. It’s really great. Everything in one place. I especially like their well-structured training. It’s really easy to learn and at the same time build your online business step by step.


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