How To Make Money By Blogging

By | April 2, 2016

How To Make Money By Blogging – Successfully.

Are you looking to earn money online, if so do you enjoy writing? Do you have a blog and would like to try and earn money with it? In this article I will show how to make money by blogging successfully without needing to learn another set of skills involved in creating  websites.

Writing a blog is time consuming, believe me I know. The planning, the research, finally the writing and then the editing.

 The simplest answer could be hosting an affiliate link on your site providing your host permits advertising on your blog, this could result in a profitable income.earning money

Let me explain  how an affiliate link works, let us suppose within your blog on your website, you discuss the merits of a certain design of golf club. You could offer the reader the chance to buy this golf club at Amazon via an affiliate link on your website. When they buy the golf club you will receive commission from Amazon.

I chose this site Wealthy Affiliate to help me setup a completely new blog and monetize this, it is FREE to sign up. All you will need  is a valid email address and password, once you have signed up you’ll not only receive two websites but a beginner training course.

If you already have a blog with Affiliate links, then the Wealthy Affiliate website could still help with ideas on traffic, keywords or maybe SEO.

I know there are other websites that can bring bloggers and affiliate sites together BUT as an all in experience I would recommend trying this website first you will not be disappointed.


The Wealthy Affiliate website has a unique training platform which can help anybody achieve success in the Affiliate market with Training lista monetized blog site.

I signed up and started the training I was amazed at how quickly I was able to setup my website with the tutorials and video walk throughs. Before long I was creating content and typing into my blog site.

When I did have any problems they were quickly resolved. Either by one of the other members of this worldwide community or even the owners who explaining precisely the steps involved to solve the problem.

The pricing levels are as follows $0  equates to a starter membership which is good for the starter but has limitations with training beyond a beginner if you wish to progress further with your blog site. I signed on as starter then upgraded to premium when I discovered that further benefits that were available with the premium membership.

These include

  • Live Help

  • Further Websites Hosting

  • Web Security Package

  • Affiliate Boot Training Camp

  • Tutorials

  • Video Walk Throughs

  • 24/7/365 Web Support

  • and much, much more

So on a personal note I would recommend the premium membership at $47.00 per month. Note If you upgrade from a starter to a premium membership in the first seven days then the first month is $19.00.

Finally just before I finish I would like you to bear this in mind when YOU start your blogging career.

  • Have enthusiasm for your chosen subject

  • Scribble or type down a guide to keep you focused.

                          Listing how the  Intro, Main section and finally the conclusion are put together

  • Spend time planning your blog
  • Keep Sentences short (I need to adhere to this one!)
  • Research the information you are blogging
  • Add Images ( brightens up the text)

  If YOU have any further tips on ways to make money blog or when writing a blog please feel free to add your comments

8 thoughts on “How To Make Money By Blogging

  1. benson

    really informative, monetizing my blog has beena problem for me and it is nice for someone to break it down like that thank you

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Benson Thank you for the comment, It took me some time to understand how to make money from blogging, the initial step for me was to overcome the thought of writing but with guidance from the WA community it is easier as i start to plan more blogs

  2. Roger


    Very instructive and useful information for anyone wanting to start a blog.

    If I may, I’d like to add my own personal remarks in support Wealthy Affiliates, a spectacular program.

    FREE VS. PREMIUM (paid)
    As you so rightly point out, WA is completely $0 for as long as you like.

    Starting with the free membership is an excellent way to check out the program, do some trainings, meet people in the WA community, and then later decide whether or not to advance to the Premium Membership (that’s what I did!).

    Building on number 2, Wealthy Affiliates is an excellent program, even if you simply used them as a site hosting platform. I spent comparable amounts of money to other hosting platforms (including HostGator) and did not receive ANYTHING like the training and support I get from WA.

    Additionally, WA offers advanced site security as part of the program. When I had my site through HostGator, my site was infected with malware, and I had to hire an outside agency to clean up my site.

    I started out with the free membership myself. I was VERY skeptical! But after just a couple of weeks, I “pulled the trigger” and became a Premium (paid) member. The training alone was worth the price! I had learned more in just 2 weeks through WA than I had previously working with WordPress for more than 6 years!

    The support community is awesome at WA! It’s literally a group of supporters helping each other become successful. And the membership is ALWAYS very generous. You can ask questions one-on-one, through a forum, or check out the hundreds of excellent trainings created by fellow members (and then create your own trainings to share with others!).

    And it’s absolutely fantastic that anyone at any level can “test drive” Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely free. I’ve checked out a few other types of offers, and am bombarded with bombastic claims, videos that don’t really answer any questions (just trying to “sell” me on their product), and then asked to put the money down to finally “get the answer” to how to succeed. None of that happens at Wealthy Affiliate! In fact, you can stay in the FREE membership for as long as you like, and even earn commissions promoting WA on your own! So you can get the money before you step up to a Premium Membership.

    So, in parting, let me say that anyone THINKING about checking out the many advantages, opportunities, and features offered by Wealthy Affiliate should absolutely do so. After all, since it’s free, there is very little risk!

    Great job!


    1. paul Post author

      Thanks Roger

      I heartily agree with you Roger, I have tried some other offers that just want to sell. But with Wealthy Affiliate you are in a win win situation as you can try before buying.

  3. Dan

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate 9 months ago and haven’t looked back, it’s a great resource, the training is first class and the community support is invaluable. I was so impressed I signed up for annual membership. I’d advise anyone to take the free package to start with, if it’s not for you, you can walk away and you’ve lost nothing, but if your serious about making money on line then I’m sure most wouldn’t.

    1. paul Post author

      I agree with you there Dan I have achieved more in one month with wealthy affiliates than the past fours years trying to gain success online

  4. Paulo

    Thanks paul for this great article. indeed it is an arduous task, but with persistence and hard work we all can be successful online.

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Paolo I have to admit this is true, there is no easy “Get Rich Quick Scheme” online. As you say it not only takes persistence and hardwork but also commitment to achieve your goal.


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