Stay Motivated When Working From Home

By | April 9, 2016

Stay Motivated when working from Home

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Thank you for reading this my first article about motivation. This is the process that arouses, sustains and regulates human and animal behaviour. I am writing this to get you going and join Wealthy Affiliate and change your lives.

I need to praise you and elevate your status –

  • You are FANTASTIC. 
  • You are a STAR.
  • You CAN do anything you want in life.

Keep on with this positivity in your heads’. You too can be SUCCESSFUL…

YOU are very important and need to know this, there are enough people who want to take you down in life but I am not one of them..


In the first instance we need to step back and take a look at our lives. Each and everyone of us can change and will change our lives for the better.

Stop procrastinating and turn that corner, there is nothing stopping you but your little voice inside telling you cannot do something, a nagging fear, cynicism or something somebody says, that you may fail.

Turn this fear and negativity aside and step out of your comfort zone and start thinking out of the box.


Obviously your state of mind affects just about everything; health issues such as stress, depression, lack of self-esteem, being susceptible to addictions, being too self-critical and just pure laziness can really bring you down in life. old and new arrows on board

You will need to truly challenge yourself to regain your life; with your own particular skills that are important and that you can really use in this unique training platform.

Don’t be backwards about coming forwards. Be galvanised into action.




Help yourself! There are numerous self-help books, websites, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, color therapy all giving you advice for you to take.

  • Get exercise!

  • Go to the great outdoors! 

  • Socialize with positive or successful people!

I agree with many of these therapies and all have their merits but unfortunately for a good many of us out there, (I was a prime example) it is the lack of money or financial issues that is at the heart of our predicament.

This can hold us and our families’ back from realizing not only our status in life but our lifelong dreams and fulfillment. As we all know money can’t buy everything but it certainly helps . . .

Learn something new, find happiness and financial freedom.

What drives you, turns you on and gets you out of bed?

  • Is it a a great interest, passion, hobby or
  • Would like to learn about a subject?
  • Training for free?

If you would like to earn money using your skills and passion and computer from your own home? Well now you can.

What’s in it for me?Man in picture with word Try


With Wealthy Affiliate you will find user-friendly training programs that move you on day by day, on a monthly and yearly basis to re-control your time management. The program has been specially formulated for people like you with busy lifestyles.

You will find a training program that is easy to work through with tick boxes to ensure you complete each stage without missing anything or rushing through. You will find it easy to stay focused as you have your plans and goals in place and these can refined at a later stage too.

Experts are available, don’t forget there is community where any problems or issues can be addressed. Once you join, start to relax, enjoy the training and see money being generated you will find yourself on the road to happiness and thus be creative and stimulated.

This is the first incentive to join up with Wealthy Affiliate, I will publish more articles in the weeks to come.


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4 thoughts on “Stay Motivated When Working From Home

  1. Roger


    Thanks for the motivation, inspiration, and information.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I’d like to share my own views on this wonderful, powerful, and useful program.

    You asked:

    * Is it a a great interest, passion, hobby or
    * Would like to learn about a subject?
    * Training for free?

    Let me start with the last item on the list.

    Sure, they have a paid premium membership, but you NEVER have to join. True, there are lots of advantages and extras by becoming Premium, but you are allowed 2 websites, loads of training, and access to the amazing Wealthy Affiliate support community, all for FREE! And you can absolutely earn money with as a free member. There is simply no reason not to try it out!

    I started with the free version, and within 2 weeks, my initial skepticism was replaced with trust. Why? The TRAINING. In just a few weeks, I learned more about how to set up a website, create WordPress websites, and manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than I had during the previous 15 years working with websites!

    By that time, I was ready to join Wealthy Affiliates (WA).

    Especially since, as an added benefit, I could now use WA to host up to 25 of my own privately owned sites! I paid just as much as the premium membership cost annually to HostGator, but received no training, no community, no advanced site security (in fact, my HostGator site was infected with malware, and I had to hire an outside company to rescue me).

    By learning about picking a niche, I took my passion and started researching it, adding to my own knowledge which I now share with others.

    Thanks for the great inspiration and keep up the great work!


    1. paul Post author

      Hi Roger
      Like you I had skepticism and was cynical about all online money making programs but the value is unbelievable with Wealthy Affiliate. not only the learning but the confidence it gives you as you grow your site:)

  2. Eric Estrella

    Hi Paul
    You really give me a motivation for doing this kind of article. For me I’m 31 years of age I already want to work in home only. Why I say that? Because the pressure is from me not to the other people. If something happened wrong no anyone can blame only me and I’m the employer at the same time I’m also the employee. That is sound good right Paul? I really appreciate your article It’s huge help for other people like me to motivate to work in home. Thanks a lot Paul!

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Eric
      Thanks for those kind words, I think everyone including myself suffer lack of motivation sometimes. That is why I wrote this not only for myself but everyone to keep them motivated:)


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