Ways To Make Money That Actually WORK

By | July 8, 2016

Ways To Make Money That Actually WORK


Are there ways to make money online that actually work? The easiest way to answer this question is yes there are. But also be aware that there are many ways to lose your money whist trying to find that solution. 

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Unsurprisingly the internet is littered with scams and unscrupulous persons trying to make a fast buck from you. Some of these tricks include getting you to subscribe to spam emails. While others involve you paying out for a non existent product, so the thief gets your credit card details.   Graphic - Robber with money sack

Not only do you have the problems of scams but you can get deceived with supposed online training courses. These courses with their appointed gurus can take thousands of dollars from you as they “teach” you allegedly how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in “Get Rich Schemes” (Not all internet Gurus are crooked). Yet the training material is outdated and a search of the internet may find the information you have paid out for free! Take a look at my reviews of some of these courses.


Money can be made on the internet, not all of these programs will provide you with enough to quit your day job. But these online money schemes can provide funding for perhaps those little extras you have always wanted.Picture - Piggy Bank

In a previous post, I explain how you can try these online jobs without too much stress. Please be aware though that not all of these online jobs may be available in your country, that payment can involve point schemes and or gift certificates to be used with certain retailers.


Affiliate Marketing

One of the better ways to achieve a sustainable second income (or a first income if you dedicate time to this) is that of an affiliate marketer. I have discussed this before, but I still continue to receive questions in person on how affiliate marketing works. So for those in mind I have written a more simplistic piece to help with the idea of affiliate marketing

Ecommerce site


Graphic - Silhoutte of BicycleIn the big wide world of the internet an affiliate marketer is a person who owns what’s termed a specialised or niche website. The affiliate marketer will then try to make money with this website by using their passion or considerable knowledge of a subject to write content on this subject such as posts or maybe reviews of a product or service. 

On the internet your niche audience will come to view your website after searching on the internet with their keyword for reviews or entertaining content written by you. So to monetize your niche website whatever your passion, if you can provide internet links to products to buy that you have recommended, the audience will then click this link. Graphic - Bowling ball and pins

Graphic - Golf Ball and course

Here your audience will  be taken to that companies’ website where they can buy the product you have just recommended.

 Because as an affiliate marketer it is your ultimate aim to send your audience to the company who you and your website have an affiliation with, as you will be recompensed by a percentage of the sale once your audience buys the product.



Once you understand the potential with this form of selling it is possible to earn a constant source of income throughout a 24 hour period!

Would you like to start an affiliate business from home?

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So having just read the above lets take a real world example.Picture - chihuahua-bowl

You as a passionate dog owner have a niche website dedicated to dog feeding bowls. Within your site are posts on sizes of dog feeding bowls for differing breeds of dogs. Other posts discuss whether bowls should be made of plastic or metal or the height dog bowls should be for larger dog breeds. You also include reviews of bowls and then recommend dog feeding bowls with the good and bad points of all of these types of bowls.

Picture - Dog Bowl Yellow

Your audience comes searching for dog bowls to buy using your recommendations, therefore to monetize your niche website you have chosen to have an affiliation with a company called ‘DogBowlsRuS’ who have various affiliate schemes for different dog products.

A potential buyer is keen to buy a specific dog feeding bowl for his Spaniel with long ears, he searches the internet and on page 1 of the search engine there you are having already reviewed a deeper dog feeding bowl that will suit his particular dog. Cavalier spaniel eating

He is very excited at seeing the bowl and also being able to buy the dog bowl straight from your site. He clicks on the link to buy the bowl, where he gets taken to the ‘DogBowlsRuS’ website and purchases the dog bowl for his spaniel from this website. You will then receive a percentage of the total cost of the dog bowl (which may change with volume) from ‘DogBowlsRuS’.


How does ‘DogBowlsRuS’ know that it is your website that has sent them a buyer. Because you have an affiliation or unique code attached to your dog bowl links when dealing with ‘DogBowlsRuS’.

Therefore when you send a buyer to ‘DogBowlsRuS’ your unique piece of code on your “link to buy” will be tracked by ‘DogBowlsRuS’  and upon the completion of the buying transaction your unique affiliation code will get flagged by the company website and you will receive payment


Many, many  companies run these affiliate programs. To find what is available for your niche, type in the search bar of a browser your niche followed by ‘affiliate program’.


Still unsure about affiliate marketing?

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try this link for a free online affiliate marketing training scheme



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