Wealthy Affiliate Review – 2016

By | April 12, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate What’s That?

4.5 thumbs rating



Address: www.wealthyaffiliates.com

Price: Free/$47

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Are you still searching for that perfect work from home Internet business opportunity? The one that will make you money whilst working from your own home.

Well I can’t answer whether this is the perfect opportunity for YOU. But what I do know, is this online  training from Wealthy Affiliate can help you start your very own sustainable online home business. All I ask is that you read this, then leave me a comment  if you disagree.

OverviewWealthy Affiliate Login

I came across the Wealthy Affiliate website a while back and being naturally curious, whilst in the process of  checking the legitimacy of this website I signed up for the training.

The Wealthy Affiliate website is run by two internet marketers who started the company in 2005. Since then the site has expanded to such a degree that there are thousands of members.

They have designed a unique interactive training platform to teach affiliate Marketers how to utilise a passion and monetize a website.

As this doesn’t appeal to everyone they will teach you how to become an affiliate marketer for their website.

The Community

Community Sign with Road

This site itself enjoys all types of marketer and entrepreneurs, so as a new marketer I joined the community feeling very daunted with the prospect of learning how to master the art of affiliate marketing.

I soon realised that everyone from the community is there to assist, from newbies to the laid back millionaires.

The community is one of the key features for me provided by Wealthy Affiliate. This made up of like minded people interactively networking with one another. Each and everyone helps one another with their knowledge on the road to becoming an affiliate marketers.

Not only will you receive help from this global community but  the co-owners, Kyle and Carson who never seem to rest, working day and night it appears, answering the questions of people in the community, on websites, campaigns or just generally inspiring and eager for you to succeed.


Another key feature for me, is that the Kyle and Carson (the co owners) have devised a training program that I think is unique in that it caters for both a newbie and the more knowledgeable marketer.

This allows members with any skill set, or for that matter any age group or nationality to learn whilst you create your niche site. Please believe me I have seen and tried various so called online training courses in my search for a home based online business.

Once I started on the path of a Wealthy Affiliate certification course, I believe there are 13 in all, depending upon your chosen Training liststrategy. I settled down to studying their training program.

The courses are well laid out, with video walk throughs, tutorials, live weekly training with Q & A sections and then classes on specialised subjects for instance adding video to your WordPress site. My favourite section is the task based objectives at the end of a lesson (forcing you to complete this before moving on).

They manage to achieve first class coaching and the training is extensive, co-ordinated and above all kept current, especially all that search engine optimisation for Google. In volume terms the actual amount of training material available is outstanding with modules allowing you to study for any type of online business and at the end earning a full time income with your learning.

Web Hosting

It doesn’t get any easy either with the inclusion of the Wealthy Affiliate facility for building and hosting your website.

Create A Website In Under 30 secsThey have the ability to register a domain (cheaper than other hosting companies I’ve noticed) where once your domain is registered you can host your website on their managed servers which incidentally are monitored 24/7 have daily backups, redundant systems etc.

All of the sites are composed of WordPress sites ( Major sites such as Sony, Walt Disney, Bloomberg all run on WordPress sites).

 It is so, so simple to create a website with WordPress Express (literally 30secs!) The system involves just 3 clicks to create a website. My site that you are reading is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. 

Because we all have different ideas on what a website should look like there are over 2000 themes to choose from.

In addition to this you can add plugins to your website from such as adding different fonts to your website through to search engine optimisation plugins over 30,000 in fact.

So as a member here’s what to expect from hosting.

    • WordPress Express
    • Unlimited Web hosting (Premium members)
    • Managed Servers monitored 24/7
    • Access to over 2,000 templates/themes
    • 30,000 plugins enabling you to add your own features.
    • Secure Hosting
    • Fully Redundant system


Alas support is an unenviable task within any company but here again Wealthy Affiliate manages to successfully deal with the task, other online training progams should take note.
Live help screen There are two areas of support within Wealthy Affiliate, Web Hosting and the training program. I cannot answer for the web hosting, response is almost immediate ……. as I have never had an issue with my website.

Support within the interactive training area is outstanding. 

Have you ever had to stop and remain in the dark because you didn’t understand a lesson? 

If I have a problem, to start with I could ask on the Live Chat forum of which there is always somebody in some region of the world to help. 

I could search or start an interactive discussion, or using the search field within the GUI , search the 1000’s of training modules/classrooms available.

So I have never been stuck for more than a minute! Neither will you.


Many training programs have many confusing membership packages. Not only this but once you join there upsells for this, then you need that . . .

With Wealthy Affiliate. you have only two choices to make.

The first package is for FREE YES  $0, with this you sign up as starter and with your starter membership you get two free websites and access to the Beginner Training Course.

The second package is the Premium membership which is $47 per month or $395 yearly.

There are no more upsells or hosting fees to pay later. This is an all inclusive price.

The comparison chart below details the differences between the two packages:

As an added bonus if you sign straight up from here within 7 days you will get a HUGE discount for your 1st month as a premium member of $19.

Once you have signed up leave a comment below to let me know you have signed up and I would be happy to contact you within Wealthy Affiliate and help with your queries.


My Final Thoughts

My conclusion is that this is a legitimate product/training program that for the price cannot be surpassed by any other product online and will allow the start up of your home based internet business.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate so appealing is that Kyle and Carson actually CARE about YOU and your niche and are eager for YOU to SUCCEED. They are available almost 24 hours a day!

With your membership you have the interactive discussion groups and community all easing you through in your quest to make a successful business online.

Then there is just the staggering number of features that are available for the price,  training programs, website building and hosting, all together making starting an online business easier than ever.

Any time wherever there is an internet connection you will be able to get help, train and build your business within this forward thinking community.

Now I suggest you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and then come back and let me know how you feel once you have joined.

4.5 thumbs rating




To be honest with you I am going to give Wealthy Affiliate a rating of 4,5 out of 5 because of the training features, web hosting and support  that come with the premium membership price  of $47(

(If I sound too enthusiastic about this site, it probably is, because I have started to achieve my dream, more so than the previous four years wading around the quagmire of the internet looking for the missing parts of a jigsaw!)



4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – 2016

  1. Dave Donahue

    Great review on The Wealthy Affiliate. I think you really pointed out the positive points well. I’m glad you have achieved so much in such a short time and are on the path to success! Great review!

    1. paul Post author

      Hi Dave
      Thank you for that kind comment, with Wealthy Affiliate and the community within I feel confident of succeeding

  2. Eric Estrella

    Hi Paul
    Very interesting review you really emphasize what Wealthy Affiliates can offer to the people and the good benifits as well. Also the motivation you make in your article is really big help for those who want to start to become a WA member. Well done Paul!

    1. paul Post author

      Thanks Eric for the comments I have tried to write this to include all of the opportunities that are available in Wealthy Affiliate


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